World War II

World War II

3d Miniatures and Terrain prints our full range of vehicles and figures in high quality 4K resin. This lets us provide the best-possible detail to our gaming community. Larger models in our range from 10mm to 20mm may be hollow to save you postage costs. All 28mm or larger models are hollow. All hollow models feature large-diameter holes in the under-surface to ensure each model is completely dry out prior to shipping.

Anything 3D Miniatures & Terrain show in our shop is available for printing, as we print to order. This means if it’s there, it’s available. Our current despatch estimate is five to seven business days after completion of your payment.
Each model shows the regularly available scale choices, and the price per item, including Goods and Services Tax (GST). Please note that not all vehicles are available at all scales. Postage for all orders is at additional cost. 3D Miniatures & Terrain does not produce figures at a scale less than 15mm.

If a model you’re looking for is not currently in our shop, we may have the file available for printing. We currently have upwards of 200 different World War II vehicles in our file library. This does not include variations of specific models. It includes a variety of armoured cars, tanks, self-propelled guns, staff cars and transport (wheeled and tracked).

3D Miniatures & Terrain can produce many of the vehicles from the major combatants (Britain, Germany, Japan, Russia and the United States) as well as varying numbers of vehicle types from the minor combatants (Canada, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, South Africa and Sweden).

3D Miniatures & Terrain will upload our current range of figures. These include French infantry in great-coats, Germans, British and Italians in North Africa, and Germans, British and US infantry in Northwest Europe. Support weapons such as mortars, heavy machine guns and anti-tank guns and artillery will be added as they become available.

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