About 3D MAT

3D Miniatures & Terrain (3DMAT) is a new business supplying a wide variety of licenced miniatures suitable for both table-top gaming and for collectors. Our collection of 3d files allows the production of quality vehicles, miniatures, buildings, and other terrain features across a wide range of genres. Our opening range includes a selection of our historical World War II vehicles and terrain. We’ll be adding to these, as well as our other

While our brand is new, we have a combined gaming experience totalling more than 60 years. This covers a range of games, including the original Dungeons and Dragons, Mediaeval and Ancients (25mm), World War II (6mm and 15mm), modern (15mm), and 40K. Additionally, we’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to try other games and time periods. These include Warlord Games’ Black Powder, Cruel Seas and Bolt Action, and Battlefront’s Tanks.

Our capability allows the production of selected models in either high-quality resin, or less PLA+ filament. We only produce vehicles and figures in resin, as this allows each model to show the care and detail our suppliers put into their files for the models we produce. 3D Miniatures & Terrain is pleased to hold commercial licences for all miniatures and terrain produced.

Almost all our World War II and modern vehicles come fully assembled. Models from the 10mm, 15mm and 20mm scales may be hollow to minimise your shipping costs. All 28mm and larger models are hollow. All or part of large sci-fi and fantasy figures, bases and terrain may also be hollow.

Apart from our vehicle range, wherever possible, we list the dimensions of each item on the item’s information page. Please email us if you’re after an item or a scale not listed.  Changing the scale is generally straight-forward, and we’re happy to check our catalogue of files to see if we have what you’re looking for. If we have the file, we’ll respond giving you a cost to produce what you’re after. If we don’t have the file and can’t source a legal copy of the file, we’ll let you know that too.

Please Note:  3D Miniatures & Terrain print to order. Therefore we do not provide refunds.

We aim to print and ship within five to seven business days of your payment. However, during busy periods this time may be extended, as all orders are printed in the order received.

From time-to-time 3D Miniatures and Terrain attends gaming expos and conventions as a stallholder. Please see our Upcoming Events section for our planned attendances.

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