Staghound 1


British version of the US T17E armoured car. Armed with a 37mm M6 gun, coaxial .30 inch machine gun, hull mounted .30 in MG, and an optional .30 in AA MG.

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The Staghound variants originated from a 1941 US Ordnance specification for a medium armoured car. Chevrolet's four wheel drive prototype (T17E1) became the Staghound. Britain initially ordered 300 Staghounds, eventually ordering more than 3,800 Staghounds, despite the US Army cancelling production for US usage. The Staghound arrived too late for the North African campaign, and first saw action in Italy, where it was found to be too big for some roads. It performed well once the Italian campaign became more mobile, and was also used in NW Europe.

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