A9 Cruiser Mk I


The A9 was the first British cruiser tank, designed to meet a limited inter-war budget. It was lightly armoured and armed with the new QF 2-pounder antitank gun and three .303 inch Vickers MGs – one co-axial with the main gun, and each of the others in a small turret either side of the driver’s position.

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The A9 originated from the War Department's 1936 decision to construct two different types of tank - cruisers and infantry support tanks. The 2-pounder lacked HE rounds, and the 3.7 inch CS version lacked antitank rounds. It fought in the Battle of France and in North Africa, outgunning Italian tanks in North Africa, and was capable of holding its own against Africa Korps tanks up to the Panzer III D and Panzer IV D. Its light armour made it vulnerable to most Axis antitank weapons.

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