A10 Cruiser Mk II


The A10 was an adaption of the A9, having thicker armour and equipped with a QF 2-pounder gun and coaxial Vickers .303 inch MG, and a BESA 7.92mm MG hull-mounted to the right of the drivers position.

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Originally conceived as an infantry support tank, it entered service as a heavy cruiser. Some A10s served in France, and some also served in North Africa. In the Mark II version the coaxial Vickers MG was replaced with a BESA 7.92 MG, simplifying ammunition supply. The CS version mounted the QF 3.7 inch (94mm) howitzer, with 40 smoke rounds, and limited HE ammunition.

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10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm, 6mm


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