Sd Kfz 251-1 ausf D


The Sd Kfz 252/1 ausf. D was the last model of the 251/1, and aimed at simplifying the design by reducing the number of armoured plates required to construct the vehicle. It was open-topped and armed with a forward facing MG. The ausf. D is easily recognised by the single piece sloping rear panel with flat doors.

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The Sd Kfz 251 was an open-topped WW2 armoured transport designed to get a single section of Pane grenadier troops into battle. The armour protected the troops from small arms fire and offered some protection to artillery. The open top allowed the infantry to fight from cover, and the MG provided covering fire while the troops debussed, and in assaults. A second MG could be mounted on an antiaircraft mount at the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle provided the basis for more than 20 variants.

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