A13 Cruiser Mk IV Sand Shields


The Cruiser Tank Mk IV (A13 Mk II) directly followed the Cruiser Tank Mk III (A13 Mk I). It used the Christie suspension system, and the A9 turret with the QF 2-pounder and coaxial .303 inch Vickers water-cooled MG. Standard Mk IV fitted with sand shields on the tracks for desert use.

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The A13 Mk II came through a War Office decision to build a new model with thicker armour. It had a maximum armour thickness of 30mm (1.2 in) with faceted armour fitted to the turret sides and rear. The model designation changed following replacement of the Vickers MG with the BESA, to A13 Mk IIA, Cruiser Tank Mk IVA. It served in limited numbers in France, and in North Africa, where it performed better than other types.

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