CMP 3 ton lorry


The CMP 3 ton truck was the most prevalent of the CMP range, with approximately 210,000 of the 410,000 CMP trucks delivered by Chevrolet and Ford being the 4×4 3 ton model. Chrysler produced approximately 180,000 Dodge trucks, of which about 135,000 were also used in the 3 ton CMP role, mostly in the 2 wheel drive format.

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Following Hitler's rise to power in 1933, discussion between the British War Office and the Canadian Army led to the development of a standardised range of Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) trucks. CMP trucks were manufactured to strict CMP/British specifications, and the majority of vehicles were manufactured by General Motors Canadian Chevrolet division, and Ford Motor Company of Canada. In an unusual act of commercial collaboration, this production included the use of interchangeable parts. CMP trucks covered the range of 3/4 ton to 3 ton payload.

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