Sexton II


Originally the Sexton combined the 25 pdr in an armoured superstructure with the hull of the Ram. This became known as the Sexton I. The Sexton II was the combination of the 25 pdr in an armoured superstructure on the Grizzly tank hull (Canada’s name for locally built M4A1 Sherman tanks).

Britain recognised the need for mobile artillery support, especially in North Africa. The short-lived Bishop, a 25 pdr mounted on a Valentine tank hull, was superseded by the US M7 Priest. Being armed with the US 105mm howitzer created a supply issue. Britain looked to Canada for a solution. It arrived as the Sexton, a 25 pounder mounted on the Ram chassis. Trials were successful, and Britain ordered 300 Sextons in mid-1943. These were built on the Canadian version of the M4, and designated the Sexton II. The Sexton II was a successful design, continuing in service beyond WW2.

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10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm, 6mm


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